Deep Roots Never Fall

Jacqueline Jax aug 12 roots

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I recently was chatting on instagram and I was reminded of some great words of wisdom that were told to me when I was just getting started.

The advise came from a mentor of mine about success and growth.

He said “finding success in your business and with yourself has alot to do with establishing roots. Let your roots take time to grow because trees that strive to get to tall with shallow roots can fall with the first wind but trees with deep established roots will stand strong over time. “

Reaching success in anything you seek to do is exactly like that.  Baby steps are important because they allow you time to perfect your craft and connect with people in a more meaningful way.

With consistency those skills develop and so do all of your relationships giving you strong roots to build on.

The foundation that you build will also give you confidence and fulfillment as you pursue your passion and making that dream come true.

It’s only hard if your not passionate about what your doing. If you love what you do every day then nurturing strong connections in your industry and documenting your journey shouldn’t feel like a task that you have to do but rather a gift in life that you can’t wait to do more of each day.

This works for all things from growing your fan base online to developing your craft and skills as an artist or entrepreneur.

Life is such an amazing journey once you discover what you want to do with it. Seek out what makes you happy and pursue it feverishly.

You will never have regret once you do.
because Deep Roots Never Fall.




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5 thoughts on “Deep Roots Never Fall

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    I totally agree with “deep roots never fall” Jacqueline, who ever give you this advice was most definitely experienced & very self driven about there craft. I am so glad you shared these words of wisdom ! JAYD X

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