I’d Rather Go Blind… NEW VIDEO

“I’d Rather Go Blind” – Jacqueline Jax

Just jamming to some blues favorites between radio shows in the studio.

This song is one that I still haven’t gotten to where I want it to be but I check in with it every couple of years to see if I’ve experienced enough pain to sing it right.

I’ll be back in another year to give it another go. lol

I came on my singing style I think from the past. My cousin is Bill Evans (an American jazz pianist and composer who worked with amazing creators including Miles Davis, Eddie Gómez and Tony Bennett ) so Jazz and developing an appreciation of unique style was part of my music education.

I was brought up on a diet of people like Etta James, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin. There styles and lives are intriguing to me. So much heart in their voices and always so much sorrow.

I’m just a work in progress with no intentions of anything other than enjoying it for what it is.

As long as the music means something to me, I’ll keep making it.

When a friend requested I cover the Etta James song “I’d Rather Go Blind” years ago, I was interested in trying to incorporate my own style into the song.

As a singer, I have sung lots of songs but mostly about inspired love as opposed to lost love and I found it much more difficult for me to remain in the moment without bringing to memory the upset and pain that comes from a love that has been lost.

Still it’s much better when the pain is fresh….

Still blowing my mind that another of our cherished soul singers left us this year.

Aretha Franklin is a treasure and will be sadly missed. I’m thankful that we have her amazing songs to keep her alive in our hearts forever.

Another great reason to record and document as much as you can to leave a piece of your soul here on earth like a time capsule.

This can go to the sad love songs 2018 category but it’s also kind of one of those moody blues cover songs that you always forget about until you hear it again.

Hope you like the video.


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2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Go Blind… NEW VIDEO

  1. Reblogged this on Jayd.com and commented:
    What a great song to cover from one of the greatest soul singers ‘Etta James’& at a time when we have lost but not forgotten ‘Aretha Franklin’ you sing it so well, I always enjoy watching you perform these heart trenching songs. Lots of love JAYD X

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