Courage is always a good place to start



When you face challenges with courage and confidence, you can achieve anything.

There is no preparation for what is ahead of you. Life changes quickly and non of us really knows what’s next. We can just dream and hope and learn and do.

But I do know one thing that I acted on this past week… the only way to face challenges is to stop worrying about it and tackle it head on, that’s all I know how to do.

Is it enough. Yes.. I think so…

Courage is always a good place to start.



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MOM is doing much better. She is stable and hopefully on her way to better days. She is out of the hospital and resting at home. It’s amazing to watch some people shine bright while others do not. During those hard times, you discover who your good friends are. 

UPDATE: Mom is home and resting. But she said to say thank you for all the love and prayers. She’s a fighter and intends to be walking and talking in about 3 months. Count on it. 🙂


thekristinmouraCourage is definitely a good place to start. Hopefully things are still getting better day to day.
jacquelinejaxI’ll post updated here when I have them. Mom had a stroke but is stable and doing better each day. Please keep us in your prayers.
mississippiriotThats terrible, we hope shes ok
iamsouthsideblackStay strong jax, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers 🙏🙏
hanna_voxThat’s is such a good reminder!! Thank you☺️
richardmauleAh that’s lovely 😊
rosemarierupleyI am glad she’s ok!
darinjellisonmusicPrayers for you all. I hope she’s on the mend.
darinjellisonmusicPrayers for you all. I hope she’s on the mend.
carmentoth111Sending love to you both 💕
j.angel.alaeHi, Jax… I’m happy to read your mom is doing better each day, hope she’ll have a fast recovery soon… 😉😉
consystntMy prayers are with you
misssarahcmusicAwww hope she’s ok honey 🙏🏽💕
lisamittsPrayers for your mom and to both of you Jacqueline 🙏💞
groundnineHoping for a fast recovery for her!
greg_soleckiThe two of you will be in our thoughts and prayers
xavamusicAw I hope everything is ok!
jacquelinejax@iamsouthsideblack isn’t that the truth. I guess it’s time to take some of those words of encouragement that I’m always posting and re-live them again.
hopeqasimThinner greeting
cultfantasticOh Jacqueline I’m so sorry to o hear about your mom. Sending you hugs and prayers for a full and speedy recovery.
javarockstarGet well soon
iamsouthsideblack@jacquelinejax yea keep that positive mentality, we refuse to be defeated
hananelmusicSending my prayers
markrimajPrayers for your mom and you.
terrweislederSending more prayers; positive thoughts and vibes you and your moms way Jax! 💙💙💙🙏🙌 @jacquelinejax she will pull thru Jax I have faith. She’s strong
karisakay76Absolutely Amen continued prayers for total recovery!!
camepro_2017Listen here my prayer
drdouglasmatamorosIndeed Family is Everything
crawlingsoloMamma! Mother in the Swedish language.😉
lilijan_roseAww Jaqueline I’m sorry to hear this hope she’s doing ok ❤️😘🌹
josephpaganobandThinking of your mom and you Jax 🙏
indiemusiczone_My prayers are with you, your mother, and your family. 🙏
drdouglasmatamoros@jacquelinejax By all means, everything happens for a reason and she has an unwavering support and unconditional love from her daughter. Wishing her speedy recovery
deviousdanidSending you positive thoughts and prayers💜 Hope everything turns out ok
thekristinmouraPrayers to you and your family
homerikofficialOmg, blessings your way love!🙏
Terry Holcomb Hello beautiful and gorgeous Jacqueline Jax you are so beautiful smile and music and singing and gorgeous beautiful and gorgeous woman with a hot sexy body xoxoxoxox
Terrence Weisleder Love this! Keep up the great work Jax! you’re doing great 🙂 🙏💙😊😎👍Thanks for your great positive words of encouragement. Needed this. Hope mom is doing better 🙏💙

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