Do you measure your value on wins only

For me Self-worth originates from being comfortable in your own skin.

It’s much more important than depending on career goals or a short term achievement to judge your own self worth.

My attitude towards myself changed over time. When I was younger it was important for me to challenge myself athletically and exceed my expectations.

In fact, I didn’t understand that those achievements were not supposed to determine by value so I measured myself by the wins. That’s one way to win a race but also terrible for your self esteem .

Winning seems to be celebrated in our culture so much more than experience.

If someone has succeeded then they are qualified and considered better than those who haven’t.

Which leads me to my next question…

If we only measure ourself on wins then wouldn’t most of the valuable lessons be lost?

But in order to survive the ups and downs of life it’s the smarter ones who realize that those wins and losses are supposed to build strength not value. And your confidence should come from recognizing how special and unique you are, not how many races you have won.

Are you truly proud of who you are or do you hide behind a mask and measure your value on wins only ?

It’s something to think about.


Side note:

When I think about our culture today and the mentality of how people has come to solve problems. Instead of fixing it within, they want to lash out. I don’t agree with that but still it’s a confused society today. Let’s hope for people to educate themselves on building self esteem and confidence so great that they don’t feel the need to act out with violence in order to feel better.

Love your feedback, leave me a comment.

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