Your Future Can Always Shift

As we head into the last couple of months of 2018, I can’t help but reflect on goals, direction and accomplishments. I’m fairly safe in assuming that all of us have goals we are trying to reach for.

When you look back over this year and think about what you have accomplished, is the reality the same as the picture you imagined. I have often seem myself shift slightly on my goals as the layers become more transparent.

It’s important to understand that what you want and what is meant for you can be very different things.

Every entrepreneur carefully walks a tight rope somewhere between these two realities and those who are the most successful are intuitive at finding that one road that’s meant for them and loving not only the discovery process but the journey through it.

This shift actually just happened to me recently as I pushed forward on my latest music project. I’ve considered doing more music all year and certainly was working towards being able to do it.

A recent health concern came to the forefront of my life in recent weeks that moved me twice. My Mother had a stroke just as I was starting the pre-production of the next project. Worrying about her and making sure she made it through this time became my full focus and any thoughts of the projects were pushed aside.

Thankfully she’s doing well and recovering more every day. During this past few weeks she made me promise her that I would spend more time making music from this point on. So I’m not only moving forward, I’m setting up this music project as an ongoing professional project that will allow you to become a part of.

I’ll talk more on that in the weeks ahead.

The second shift came as I began to think about the project and how the music would be offered to you. The first plan was much smaller than the more recent picture in my head. I’ve taken on some music partners, brand support and collaborations to produce a new album.

The album is called “Feels Like Home” and will evolve as a journey. During this journey you’ll be able to contribute to the project and have access to very special features from Behind the scenes content to photography sessions.

Some of the features have been suggested by you this last few weeks on social media. I’ll be posting a full list of the rewards and making a video discussing the project and all of those expectations soon.

That’s how much things have changed for me..

Shall we talk about your future? What’s your vision for the last 2 months of the year? Let’s dream …. 😍😍😍😍😍 .


Ps. Photos from last nights photoshops. Help me decide which photos to offer in this years autograph photo pack.. pick your favorite.

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