When you are standing at a crossroad how do you choose your path?

When you are standing at a crossroad and the decision your about to make will influence your life in ways you can’t yet even comprehend but you know things will change dramatically, how do you decide which way to go?

So many of us face this moment more than once in a lifetime. Its has a lot to do with the consequences of our actions and the impact that our choices have on our lives and on those around us.

What crossroad have you arrived at recently?

For me it’s been one after another and those moments have forced me to make choices quickly without the luxury of time nor lengthy consideration.

It’s at each of those moments that your instincts react and guide you to what seems like the best direction. I truly believe in gut instincts and looking back I still would not have chosen differently.

What are my choices..

stick around and see for yourself. I’ll be sharing each of them with you here on my blog.


New pictures just taken this week…

I’ll have the picture order page up this week.



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