Dealing with Stress is Simple

Over the years goals, dreams and struggles there has been a lot of stress but at this point I have found it to be a familiar companion.

Jacqueline jax podcast impact

Latest Impact Ep 8 : How I deal with Stress” by @JacquelineJax ⚓

Maybe not always a welcome one, but certainly one that keeps me on my toes. My key to dealing with stress is simple; just stay calm and stay focused. Don’t let your mind linger on the things that stress you. Instead take action to cut them away.

Even if you have to take a step back, realize that this stress you have today may not be something you’ll even remember tomorrow. So why let it ruin your day.

How do you handle your stress?


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Stress is Simple

  1. Questions I have 1 of a1000. Or 2 . I can clearly see your goals set in arias that are important to you and who you are . Reach for them . They are only a star away

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