You can’t hide your inner thoughts so let them see

Did you know that peoples initial impressions of you are influenced by your emotional state of mind? Humm. Think about it.

You’re always wearing your heart on your sleeve because it shows in all you do.

Even a lack of reaction is a reaction. So since you can’t hide your inner thoughts, try focusing on forgiveness this holiday season. Forgiveness help you get through really tough times and hard situations. In some cases this holiday it will become your lifeline.

If people are going to see what’s in your heart, then let them see forgiveness. It’s also the best way to ensure that YOU enjoy your holiday no matter what.



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🎁 #Hat : This photo is from the special Christys’ Hats collaboration photo shoot I did this past week. The Blue is called INK. It’s really intense and dramatic. They made it custom for me so if you also love the style, message them ‘Jax Ink Fedora’ . I’m sure they can make it for you in any color you can dream of. .

🎁#Jacket by BCBGMAXAZRIA: Similar styles I recommend

🎁 #lingerie White lace bra from Quatro Dream.

🎁 #jewelry by JaxCouture
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Similar styles I recommend:

More photos and behind the scene stories on


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