My Journey to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

I started years ago for my job. Since I work as a radio host, music journalist interviewing musicians and entertainment marketing specialist, I have to have very active social media pages. At first my pages were all used to connect with my clients and monitor the work but quickly they became a way to document my daily journey.

It’s really hard to keep from sharing what you do with people you know. It begins slowly by sharing simple things like a photo from an event with your friends and family. Then projects, food, and before you know it your daily activities become food for a very hungry social algorithm that ultimately judges your quality of life.

Sure, you can quickly get caught up in the social brag game but trust me, best stay away from playing that game. It’s not a friendly one and it can bite you if you don’t have a posting strategy from the start.

The reason why a strategy is a necessity is because you can very easily loose hours and even days of your precious life living on social media instead of keeping that balance of living in the real world…

Come read the story and see all the New Photos…

Autographed Pictures available here: This article features the Panama Collection :

Hat by Christys Hats of London :

Swimsuit and coverup from Jax Couture on Poshmark:


kishaga3The new hat is fabulous!

jerbizjakI do. It looks great on you Jax.

jacquelinejaxstyleMore photos here. ☀️❤️😍

monroeoo7You so fly you need your own runway


genetic_code_92with or without hat. swimsuit or other outfit. you are so beautiful, your body,your smile are pure wonders. thank you for all 🌹

rodrigoumanajrWhat hat..

ramsundarrishiyou love you

uhmodelswowReally nice!

butlerandmeThe whole outfit is stunning!!! Or maybe it’s you that’s stunning and the outfit is nice!!!!

jbourg200Happy New Years beautiful!! @jacquelinejax

larryrennerSo beautiful!!



silk_and_ravenGo Go‼️

terrweislederYou’re hat is awesome!! @jacquelinejax 😍🖤😉😎👍 and your swimsuit is great too! 😃😊💦😎☀️

dillardpullium💗 took me awhile to get to the hat…but yes yes.. looks fantastic

no__matchIt’s lit!😍😍🔥

angelito5484@Jacquelinejax Nice kimono hugs and kisses…

charleesasound😍love the shot n your smile gorgeous woman

clinta.levan1972Looks great on you my dear friend 😘

jacquelinejax@thecocoscott this coverup and the white lace one looks like you. You would look so good in them for your beach pictures with the Evil Eye layered necklace.

thekristinmouraMaybe I should do a beach shoot ^.^ maybe I could make it a goal of 2019 #showmoreskin lol😂

nickrapidfireLooking great!! Happy New Year 🎆⭐️🍷🎵

nickrapidfireLooking great!! Happy New Year 🎆⭐️🍷🎵

thecocoscott@jacquelinejax great idea!

jacquelinejax@thecocoscott lol.


masummolla24You’re so sexy why not see your picture, you can not command. You are a wonderful

masummolla24You’re so sexy why not see your picture, you can not command. You are a wonderful

virende7Sweets Life: Wishing every day of the new year to be filled with success, happiness and prosperity for you, Happy New Year. Dear Jacqueline. God bless you. God fulfill all your dreams in this Year. Love you. 
Wish you a very happy new year *2019*💎💖💋💗💝💝💝🌹💓🎆🎊🎉
Virender Singh

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