Having the Strength To Change

I remember how bad things were for me 6 years ago and how I used to not even appreciate the little bits of good because stress had torn down my protective walls and left me feeling so vulnerable and easily manipulated.
I had to find the strength to change everything in my life in order for the circumstances to change. It took drastic measures but I see where I’m finally coming to the end of my hardest journey and probably the one that taught me the largest lessons in my life.

Finally, I’m ready to get on my next adventure. So in a way this year is a rebirth filled with new possibilities for me. There will be an expected transition but the world already looks much brighter to me on what’s ahead.

Moving forward I’m applying the 10-10-10 rules.

Consider how a decision might impact you in ten minutes, ten months and ten years. This exercise can be incredibly clarifying!

Where do you feel you’ve been this past 6 years?


Listen to the podcast:

Ep 19 Having the Strength To Change” by JacquelineJax ⚓



Camel Ocola I am happy to know that you are fine and smiling Happiness!!!

Ronnie Stanley .I want. You And I want to see. More. Beautiful. Your an. Angel

Tariq Akber I am so glad everything is over and see your beautiful smile back. I notice that because I known you since 2009

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