How I’m growing from 0 to 10K+ followers Free and Fast Organically 2019 on INSTAGRAM

How I’m growing from 0 to 10K+ followers Free and Fast Organically 2019 on INSTAGRAM , it’s actually been a really fun process.

I’ve been meeting people every day which I really enjoy in areas that I love like Photography, film making, music production, travel and even fashion.

It’s taught me that it’s a big world out there with more people than I could ever meet in lifetime. Through the app I can discover so much I never knew about and was always curious about right from the people who are going through that journey.

I’ve also become way better at communicating my own story a little piece at a time.

The actions I take on Instagram

  • 1- 2 hours a day replying to people on instagram in comments (especially the first responders) and the DMS.
  • Why the algorithm responds to the actions you take on instagram the minute you open the app.
  • Instagram grams goal: Keep people on the platform.
  • How the people you interact with determine who sees your content and who you see.
  • Drop relevant comment on the posts you liked, be thoughtful about the comments and answers.
  • Then post something of value that aligns with your niche once a day or set a goal of engagement for that last post and focus on making that happen.
  • Does your account define you really well in the top 9 posts?
  • High quality clear photo’s .
  • Focus on awareness of your brand and leave breadcrumbs around the niche your most interested in and that aligns with your account.
  • Don’t post things that do not offer value. Adds perform way less for you than authentic lifestyle content with great descriptions.
  • Look at establishing a theme for your account. Color scheme, a posting theme, a style of picture taking and post only your best content.
  • Do not spam peoples accounts. Ask questions and honest engagement only.
  • Check your bio for keyword details that describe what you do but don’t define more than 2 main things. Show your personality.
  • Stories: Hashtags and variety of content.
  • @JacquelineJax overcoming Life struggles and what’s it’s like to walk in my shoes and @avaliveradio music features: meet new artists that are active on the platform .

What do you love about instagram?


4 thoughts on “How I’m growing from 0 to 10K+ followers Free and Fast Organically 2019 on INSTAGRAM

  1. Instagram the “Poney Express” where news traveled from town to town changing horses to continue the ride… this media delivers incredibly diverse news of talent, music, growth, beauty …. to name just a few. I am so grateful for this because it’s the only way to have met such a heartwarming artist. And an inspiration to all with your wisdom, your sound, your elegance …. plus those delicious dishes. It only the beginning I’m sure there will be more to come …. patiently awaiting 🙂


  2. I love IG because I can interact with thousands of artists and people from all over the world much better than I can on Facebook. I find new friends & people I resonate with every time I tune in. I love some of the New features such as previews of my IGTV videos. I love the group’s that you create and I’ve formed lasting connections with a few of my fellow poddies! Love all you do Jax xxx

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