Challenges give us strength but when you feel like quitting remember this..

Sometimes the person that has it the hardest growing up develops the skills to have greater success. It’s like they have developed survival skills very slowly over many battles fought and lost.

I’ve had friends who were given everything in life and never challenged or taught the value of a dollar. It was the norm for them to be bored with life and often seeking trouble just for thrills. They challenged everyone around them because they were not able to feel passionate about life. The focus for achievement had no need and therefore no value.

In my opinion, the struggle is a blessing because in order to be successful you have to need it more than anything else. You have to have something to do it for.

It’s funny how that fire once ignited teaches use appreciation for life and brings out that sense of purpose. Your self worth becomes tied to the journey and the accomplishments both completed and almost completed and treasured and prioritized.

I don’t typically like to generalize nor profile people so my purpose in telling you this is to encourage you to see things differently. Those of you who feel challenged daily by life should be thankful because your being primed for life. Your struggle is a gift because it motivates you to be better than you were yesterday.

The struggles are teaching you valuable lessons that you’ll need for the future. Each mountain building your strength for that next big climb.

Just like you find strength you never knew that you had once someone is counting on you, you’ll also find that for yourself.

I work really hard every day.

Sometimes I feel like I want to throw it all away and choose an easier path but that’s when I think of how far I’ve come and all that I have achieved. I think of the people who write me sweet letters thanking me for saving them and giving them hope. They say I give them strength to carry on and become more than they thought they could ever be. I help them be brave and get them to see things differently.

That’s what holds it together for me when I get tired and feel like walking away from the daily struggle.

So when your feeling like quitting and those voices in your head start to turn on you, remember this…

While you can’t control other people, you DO have a say over the way you respond and the way that you think.

Pull back and create some space so you can regain your sense of self. Remember why you started and think of the good that you have done.

Think of the value you bring to yourself and to others.

What will ring out the loudest when your no longer able to continue one day.

Focus on that single thing that you want to be remembered for and while you have the strength to pursue the dream, get up … take my hand … and take one more step forward.

We can walk this next journey together.




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