The 5 Best Pieces of Advice for Living a Happy Life

My happiness always seems to be a product of the life I pursue.

Some people search for a happier life but I’ve learned to manufacture my own happiness bubble.

It’s something I’ve become good at despite the many people who have come into my life either wanting what I have or purposely trying to infuse their negative vibes into my space.

Over the many hurdles and struggles, I’ve learned that Happiness is not something that you find, it’s something that exists right where you are now if you understand how to nurture it.

Follow your Heart…

The heart wants what it wants. If you can find those wonderful things that inspire you to feel love and inspired, your days start to change.

Every day becomes exciting and like an adventure you look forward to. It’s a mindset mostly but it stems from making a conscious effort to listen to your gut and allow yourself the guiltless pleasure to pursue it.

I’m not saying you should quit your job and loose your income to JUST pursue whimsical unrealized ideas, I’m encouraging you to get to know yourself and find out what truly moves you and makes you happy.

If it’s something you want to make money at, that’s up to you. You can move towards that goal slowly but your happiness is tied to understanding what your heart wants and allowing that to be a reality for you every day.

Be true To Yourself

We all go through phases of confusion and uneasiness about our future. In fact, that may be a moment you need to allow yourself to have in order for you to figure yourself out.

Self discovery is a process. It’s been a journey for me for sure. If you have followed my website for years, you would know that about me.

My journey has taught me so many things. I’ve had dark times and bright times, pursued passions and developed several amazing careers.

All of it has made me the person that I am today and every step of the way I stayed true to myself.

Be Honest..

What you really want can be masked sometimes behind fears and emotions like guilt or ego. Getting to the bottom of that smoke screen you have established is tricky. I’ve gone through that process myself many times. But looking for what’s real is half the battle.

We all see people pursuing things and it’s really easy to look at their plan and want to copy it but that’s NOT ‘Being true to yourself’ and it’s NOT ‘Following Your heat’.

Being honest with yourself is hard work because it means that you have to face your deepest fears. For many of us, that may be

“What will people think..”

“What if I fail and everyone sees it.. “

“What if I can’t make it happen.. “

These are the worst fears but there are so many more.. right?

This is why you need to get down to the most raw, vulnerable and honest place inside of yourself.

That place where the fear generates all the road blocks that keep you from pursuing what makes your heart happy.

If you were meant to do something amazing, isn’t it worth taking a risk on yourself? After all, it’s ONLY YOU that will have to live with REGRET if you don’t do it.

Create a Nurturing environment

We all have different needs. I need space, quiet time and a peaceful state of mind to make good decisions.

Because I know exactly what kind of environment helps me to be my best self every day, I am able to produce that when I need it.

Putting yourself in the place that will help you grow and support your growth is a key element to finding your happiness because without having an environment where you can find your center, you won’t be able to make good choices and decisions free of guilt, demands and/ or obligations.

Make your decisions alone in a sound mind when you aren’t emotional.

Remember you have the freedom to discover what that looks like. It may be a place you go to physically where you can shut off your phone and get centered.

It may be exercise, yoga or meditation time. Cooking, reading, a walk.. Clean the house.. Rearrange the furniture.. There are so many ways to get this time and atmosphere no matter what your personal circumstances are. It’s really just a way to clear your head and shake off the outside influences so you can get into the zone.

I keep a notebook in my bag at all times or use my phone notes to be able to write down great ideas that I have when I’m working out.

Make Your Move…

My mind always needs to experience forward growth and momentum. Some call that insane ambition but for me, it’s my happy place.

I’m never satisfied with stagnation. Things must be flowing and in motion for me to feel at peace.

For some, that’s a pressure but for me it’s like air to breathe life in and it’s the way I want to live. I want to discover new things and develop my skills and interests. I’m curios and adventurous about everything.

You have to find that and then make your move to create the life you need to have.

Float with dreamers

(original poem by Jacqueline Jax)

I love to float with dreamers.

I surround myself with like minded people and gather dreamers stories like memory stones on a path.

But these stones don’t weigh me down.

They are light like feathers floating around me as I float around them.

All of us seeking adventures on our own journey to a similar place that only we can fully envision..

Yet we all know exactly what it is.

(original poem by Jacqueline Jax)

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