If you try to please everyone, you will fail

If you try to please everyone, you will fail.

It’s one of the best things I’ve discovered in pursuing my career, business and especially marketing.

It’s tempting to try to please everyone isn’t it?

But the same energy we use spread way to thin just isn’t enough to cover all things effectivly.

That’s why we need focus in our lives. .

Quality time for ourselves, dedicated moments in our personal relationships and intentional focus on our work.

This especially works in marketing and branding your personal image or business.

If you cast a wide net, you won’t catch a thing but if you focus on pleasing a particular group of people, you’ll find your work flow easier with much better results. .

Think of a musician that bounces around too much. They are a pop star one day and a rock star the next. Monday it’s hiphop and Tuesday it’s country.

Then what?

How can they progress long term?

How can they expect people to relate to them or understand what they are saying if they don’t know who they are yet?

All musicians start out focused on learning to create the music they were influenced by. Then as they develop their skills, they try different things.

But they don’t start to really gain traction in their career until they start creating albums of work that fit together and tell a story.

It’s only then that people start to get what they are trying to say.

As a listener, if you can always find more of that one thing from that artist, you’ll begin to count on it and seek it out.

That special element that they have captured becomes part of their brand. A trusted source or flame that we know, love and trust to be delivered.

That’s why you can’t try to please everyone.

Find out what motivates and inspires you, perfect that and become known for it.

That’s the key to the kingdom.




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