Every day is the journey you need to be on

Success comes from a lifetime of mistakes

What if everything you’ve ever done came from all your mistakes all preparing you for this one huge moment?

When you dream and strive towards that dream, you fall and you learn. But all those experiences teach you so many important things… if you’re smart enough to learn from them.

I’ve really worked hard to get to where I am. I’ve done the research, learned the lessons (and continue to learn those daily), experienced that moment when your about to quit and felt the amazingly inspirational exhilaration when you reach a milestone.

Yes there have been many milestones to here but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Even when I’ve been totally exhausted, I still felt lucky because this life of mine is being experienced on my own terms.

I am the one who decides to move forward or stand still.

I think many of you are in the same position, you may just not realize it.

I hear from artists who feel pushed down by those around them. Family don’t support their goals and even some random comment on social media have put those doubts in their heads but I’m here to tell you about two very important things that I’ve learned.

Don’t Give up on your self


Trust in the process.

Don’t Give up on your self means that you need to search your heart for what moves you and be patient. As you try different things you’ll learn alot about yourself. That gives you an amazing education that you can’t learn in school but also teaches you alot about yourself.

In this past 10 years, I’ve learned more about myself on this journey than all my other years growing up.

Just as sports taught me patients, the rewards of determination and the importance of consistency, this pursuit of my dream career has both built on those lessons and taught me about what I’m really made of.

Don’t try to convince anyone of anything, especially yourself. People will doubt you. No one thought I could achieve what I have done. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe in me, in my case, no one understood it.

I’ve been building a career in uncharted and unfamiliar territory for 10 years and only now do people finally understand how my career fits into this world.

But that’s ok.. people like to throw you into a category, especially when they don’t understand it or they feel threatened and scared.

Sure I felt fear at times but my vision chased fear from my mind very quickly. I used what I learned in sport to see myself through it with just good old fashioned determination and focus.

At the end of the day, I’m so glad that I believed in myself enough to know that if i stayed on this journey and saw it through, I would at least be happy for having tried than not.

Trust in the process…

People are always in such a rush. They think they want something and they go after it for a month. Then when they feel it’s to working, they change direction.

There’s a fine line between quitting and adjusting. If you feel that you are trying something that doesn’t fit you, then make adjustments until you find your passion but don’t change because it’s hard.

Everything worth having is hard.

Hard is a process you go through in all new thing. It’s called ‘Paying your dues’.

The steps are simple….

-Listen to your heart and find your passion. (What will make your daily life better? What can you do that inspires you to rise?
-Educate yourself on the path. Find mentors, research endlessly, try different things.
-Embrace failure as a gift of knowledge and a stepping stone to success
-Be consistent and focused on that next goal
-Celebrate your milestones but keep your eye on the prize
-Trust in the process, we all have doubts but if you give yourself time to work a problem through, you’ll come out better for it on the other end no matter what.

I’d love to hear about your current or future projects. Did this inspire you? I hope it did and I hope you use it as a guide of encouragement so you won’t loose your way as you journey your uncharted path.

Every day is the journey you need to be on. Don’t look to one big win as your measure of success, celebrate what today has taught you and use that to move forward.

Jacqueline Jax

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