Are you afraid to be reckless?

I remember back to the early days when I was struggling to figure out what I wanted out of life.

I would worry that my time was being wasted on the pursuit of directions that might not pan out the way I expected.

Listen to the episode:

It took a long time to realize that I was worried about the wrong things.

I had been to focused on what other people would think when I should have been pursuing everything that would teach me valuable lessons.

I should have been more reckless and daring with my pursuit of goals.

Don’t get me wrong. I because a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader with no real formal dance experience. I learned to sing, I traveled the world to study under all the best teachers. I even worked in studios teaching what I learned to artists as they began their careers.

Those things don’t happen for people who make choices based in fear. But still there were so many things I didn’t try because I was used to winning.

The value you get from your time invested is best when served up from failure. It teaches you to NOT Fear the unknown.

If you always win, then you never learn and you start to fear mistakes.

Fearing mistakes will only hold you back and playing it safe is never going to get you those huge wins.

You have to trust in the process, believe in your self and keep striving towards something larger than yesturday. .

You will win and loose many times while you try to get from point A to B but that’s the journey.

That how you learn and how you get smarter and more experienced.

When people hire me to work for them, they are hiring my experience.

They see the value in saving time and appreciate the confidence that I bring to their projects by being able to define a solid strategy.

There’s no better mentor to have than one who’s not afraid of anything and doesn’t base any decision on ego.

My favorite lesson learned is to try anything that inspires you and understand that the education you receive as a result of any outcome is the most value thing you can take from that experience. .

I hope you pursue your life without fear.

Jacqueline Jax

* Question of the day:

Has fear ever stopped you from trying something ?

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