You don’t know what you want in life until you figure out who you are

My best life has always been an echo of what I’ve learned from my past life.

I’ve always found my reason for

Things that unlock my passion and purpose in life have come from being able to marry what I’m great at, how would this serve others and how can I financially support doing this daily?

Instead of just doing things without purpose, I figure out what I want my life to be like 5 years from now and I learn what it will take to get there.

If you want to try this for yourself, you first have to find your passion.

Ask yourself what you want?
It’s not easy because it may not come to you right away.

Look at other people around you who you admire or may want to be like and ask yourself if you really would like to be in their place and on their path in 5 years?

Get to know yourself by meditating on what you have tried and what you know you don’t like your life to be like.

Then direct your next meditation to what you wish for.

What’s missing? What does your ideal life look like?

Step 1:
Open up yourself to new experiences and spend time exploring
the right things with the right people.

If life is filled with echo chambers bouncing off the accomplishments of others, then it makes sense to surround yourself with people you aspire to be like?

It makes you think about what kind of future you’ll have if you keep people in your life who make bad choices.

Don’t try to fit yourself into someone else box just because you can’t see yourself in the boxes that you are exposed to.

You can’t live in a bubble surrounded by careers that don’t fit you, you’ve got to discover yourself and identify what makes you feel

Step 2:
Look behind the curtain
Identify the process of what the life you want is actually like, not the achievements you see that came from the work.

Often we are focused on wanting the rewards instead of looking forward to the process it takes to get there.

Can you put into practice what is necessary to achieve your goals? And are those goals worth your time invested? You have to love what you are after in order to make it become a reality.

Do you want to get up at 4 am to achieve something that takes time and dedication?

Do you want something only for money or will this life you pursue bring you value every day?

Does the life you live make you feel good about yourself for the right reasons or are you judging your value based on money and things?

You must ask yourself these things in order to ensure that you choose a direction that’s more realistic for a fulfilling life.

Step 3:
Never let your dreams consume you.

Fame is an after effect of perfecting a skill publicly. Be careful of what you wish for. If you don’t have enough clarity to purify yourself of ego, desire and jealousy you will only want things for the wrong reasons.

If you don’t love the process, you won’t be able to stay dedicated to the work it takes to achieve the life you dream of.

Go way beyond the shallowness of the surface and discover what has brought you happiness in the past to bring more of that into your future.

Step 4:
Become more self aware

Understand your heart and imagine a full path up to the success, not just the success.

Typically the habit it to see what someone else has achieved and want that outcome but that’s not a truly sustainable goal to set because you aren’t yet educated on the process it takes to get there.

Deep fulfillment only comes when you understand the daily demands and feel passionate enough about jumping into that hourly process that you want to do it as often as you can.

What advise would you give to your younger self?

Step 5:
Express your gratitude

Acknowledge your skills and be mindfully thankful of the gifts life has already given you every morning that you wake up. The air you breathe, the strength you have, and the love you have for others are things you should give thanks for every day before you wish for things you desire.

Minutes are precious and more is just more unless there is a purpose and level of enjoyment it brings to your minutes.


Have you found your purpose? Do you think your on the right road?

Leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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