Put people first and you’ll win on Social Media

What’s the best way to get peoples attention?

There’s nothing like entertainment and authenticity. I think that artists must be both today. If you want to share your art with the world, then you must become an entertainer of people. Social media is only a good experience when you use that reach to enrich peoples lives in some way. If you aren’t doing that, the social media platform will turn off your posts. Take a lesson from them. If they aren’t showing your posts to anyone, then you aren’t bringing value to anyone’s life. In my book, you don’t deserve to be featured in the news feed until you do.

People think post reach blocking is a bad thing. It’s not personal, it’s actually something you can learn from. It will push you to care about what you post and who you’re talking to. When you start improving on what you have to offer and you start posting that in a way that enriches people’s lives, you’ll get the attention of facebook, youtube, Instagram or twitter and at the same time, you’ll capture the audience you’re trying to reach.

Otherwise, you are not worthy of that free reach. Time to get in the game and put people first. That’s what social media is to me. A place where I can connect with people.

How have you been able to connect with people successfully?

I speak my mind and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable. To me, vulnerability comes easy when you know who you are talking to. I know what my friends and followers are up to. If someone is leaving me comments on all my posts, I spend time getting to know them. Over time I know about their kids and their struggles the same way they learn about mine. We connect through those daily hurdles and overcome them as a team. Every comment is a chance to get to know someone. If you don’t want to connect with people, then you should stay off social media. The good stuff is all happening in the comments.

What actions do you take every day on social media?

My time on social media is what I most look forward to. I conduct business through it, stay connected with my partners and clients, and I spend my free time there as well.

Typically I will check my comments and messages first around 6 am. After that, I go to my blog and answer emails that came in from the people who discovered me on social media and wanted to become a subscriber to my Dreamers experience.

Next, I’ll post some fresh things that were inspired by those conversations. Typically it’s a reaction post or a quote of advice that I just offered someone. That spurs on more comments and conversations. It’s a circle that connects us all. One person’s struggle becomes that conversation through my pages that changes a life. It’s the most authentic and valued experience for both me and those who connect with me regularly.

Since I also work on social media, I’m on those pages all day. Luckily being in the music business, fits this social realm really well so my work and play come together really nicely on these platforms.

Jacqueline Jax

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