The Art of Developing Artists Today

What do people love most about the music you share with them?

I try to find music that’s got a unique perspective mixed with a touch of magic, to begin with. Music isn’t really about genre categories any longer as much as it’s about the person creating it and the connection it has to a moment.

People love to connect with people and feelings so I look for artists who have that natural talent that can grow musically but who also appreciate the connection they can make with their art. That’s where the real magic happens.

Are you developing artists?

Sure, I help artists to develop their careers every day. In fact, that’s why I built a marketing team that operates independently at the radio station so we can function as a New Artist Development agency on the back side of the radio broadcast.

I know that all the artists aren’t going to have it all together in the beginning so I put creativity and passion on a higher scale than brand and inventory. That can always come later once the artist works with me.

Finding and developing unique talent is really what can translate to a wider audience with time and consistency. Once I discover an artist, I often sit back and see what they do. If they stick around and continue to show that determination, then I’ll start looking deeper into their strategy and fan base to see what they are doing versus how people are reacting to them.

At the moment, music is in a place where it’s feast or famine. Artists don’t realize what they have at their fingertips if they are just willing to capture it and utilize the power of it.

I have some artists that are making 6 & 7 figure yearly incomes easily from their music brands yet others just never get on board with their own marketing strategy. It takes time, money and careful planning, that’s just not something most artists are willing to invest in themselves. Most just like to play around in the studio and would rather pretend to be building a career. I know it sounds strange but that’s the power of a great selfie in today’s world. It makes big egos even bigger and amplifies guff. lol

The other day, I was reading about Rihanna becoming the highest earning female music artist in 2019 estimating her worth at $600 million. That’s not something that happened in the old fashioned way. She captures the power of technology and understands that the time we are in is about so much more than just throwing music up against the wall and hoping that people notice.

Once you understand that this is an option on the table in today’s music business, you can start thinking about things differently. That’s what I’m doing every day. I’m helping artists to position themselves properly as a music brand and monetize their brands on a much larger scale.

On the flip side, I have to try to keep a high bar on the Broadcast and at the same time run a lot of projects here at the station to give people a chance to be seen and heard. That’s where everything begins. That said, we don’t just play everything that comes along. We have to focus on artists with the most potential and growth musically to encourage their careers and see what people are reacting to.

In all the music we play, there are some amazing talents to be discovered. I highly recommend listening to the show religiously. You’ll discover some real talent and acquire a tremendous education about the industry of music.

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