How to drive engagement on facebook for free

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Everyone wants to learn how to drive engagement on facebook but do you know the truth about post reach?

If you want a good free facebook marketing strategy, it’s important to understand how facebook post reach works. Once you get this down, you’ll be able to start getting more likes on facebook.

The facebook insights tool located on your public or business page is your friend. They try to give you tips on how to recognize the best posts and gain more engagement on posts that are already performing well.

This area allows you to learn more about your following and figure out exactly which content appeals to them. You can even see how many people say a post so you can compare that to another post that got the same newsfeed time but that may have performed much better for you.

Adapting your strategies is an ongoing thing so don’t give up. Consistency will help you discover more about your responses and it will allow people to start trusting you.

If your trying to think of great posts to create, people love to share what they know. Think of ways to share your skills and knowledge or an opinion on something that your passionate about.

Your social media engagement really takes off when you are able to inspire discussion and debate, so don’t shy away from it. It’s much better for that to take place on your own page than anywhere else so take some of your best discussions back to your own page to see if it works as a post.

Asking questions is also a great place to start as it encourages people to offer their opinions. If you continue that conversation, it can lead to days of discussions.

Promptly and thoroughly answering any questions posed by users is crucial too. You want to catch people when they are actually on facebook so the minute they answer, keep that conversation going. It shows you care and will help you connect with people who want to connect with you.

Along the same lines, focusing on content that promotes further action increases the likelihood of people getting involved in your online community.

Good luck and please come visit the video on youtube and leave me a comment. It’s really nice to be able to talk to you.

Jacqueline Jax

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