Jacqueline Jax

Radio Show Host, Entertainment Branding Specialist, Recording Artist, Entrepreneur... Do you know what it feels like to be inspired? Sometimes I take it for granted until I reach a day when it's gone and I have to search for it again. But most days I wake up blessed with ideas for a better world where we can all live our dreams and inspire each other. This is my journey thanks for being here.

I grew up with a musical family. My Mom was always into music and hung out with my Cousin Bill Evans and people like Miles Davis from back in the 60's when they recorded Kind of Blue, the best-selling jazz album of all time. Chet Baker was also part of their crew and Eddie Gómez who became a huge part of his musical family. While I was growing up, my Mom was working in Las Vegas in creating major shows that ran for years as headlines in Hotels like MGM, Ceasars and Tropicana on the Strip. On the other side of my family, my Aunt and Uncle has a radio station network RJ Group composed of broadcasting, entertainment, and music store enterprises 11 total FM and AM radio stations and a TV station RJ FM 100.3, the flagship radio station of the group, plays the greatest and the latest hits from five decades. still #1 across all of the Philippines for 54 years. 

I grew up in the entertainment business and have been in it ever since. I love it.