We are all struggling to overcome our fears

I think we are all struggling to overcome our fears.

Those times when you want to reach a goal or even reinvent yourself, may be hard to start just because there are things that are holding you back.

I've overcome a lot of my struggles just buy removing fear from the process and learning to dive in. It's not easy but a lot of my success in doing this has come from removing my ego from the equation. I heard somewhere that the root of our fears starts with ego because we get in this mindset of being afraid of what others may think. 

No doubt everyone judges us from the minute we rise to the minute we fall.  Our parents judge our progress in life, our friends compare our lives to theirs in order to relate, people we don't even know judge us from our cover. Life is full of judgements and boxes that we have to fit into in order to be accepted. 

That's what gets us into that boxed mindset. You don't want to be alone so you try to fit in somewhere and live up to the expectations of others. 

Sound familiar? 

You have to fight for what you want most in life and most of the things that you’re fighting are within yourself. Get the mindset right and the rest will fall into place. ‬

This video talks about how I overcome my fear of failure and get inspired to be more creative. Maybe you'll see yourself in it. 


Jacqueline Jax 


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