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I think music is a magical thing. It has comforted and healed and inspired me throughout my life, and that is what I hope to do for you with the music I create. This world is a lonely place but perhaps if we stick together we will all feel a little less alone. 

I know you are here because you believe in me and you have already experienced the power of my music in some way. Perhaps the sound heals you or inspires you. Perhaps the music I create makes you feel comfort at the end of a long day. It’s all of those things to me and so much more. 

For years I have kept this peaceful gift to myself but recently as I shared some music with you, I have received these amazing letters from you. Somehow listening to my voice has become something that gives you peace and provides a warm and comfortable place for you to come to at the end of your day or even while you're on the drive to work.

You have inspired me to start producing more music but to create something so much more special than even that. You have inspired me to create this amazing website where you can spend time unwinding with me. This website is important because it provided me with a personal space where I can connect with you. 

There are no interruptions or limitations in the way that you can experience the music and nothing blocking your access to it whenever you need me. 

To make this website happen and to continue creating music every week, I need your help and support to make it happen!


My production skills are very limited so I need to hire a team to help me create these amazing music projects. It is very important to me that I create and release music that is true to who I am as an artist and musician! That’s the music you love to hear most. 

Instead of signing to a record label and letting them dictate the music, I have decided to stay independent and embark on this musical journey as a solo artist. 

For those of you who may not know, many record labels strip artists of their creative control over what songs appear on the record, the style of the music, etc. Because of this, I have created this site on my own dime and lots of imagination. 


This Patreon support page is essential to making the wheel turn. The funds will go to hiring a team to help me produce all the content for you to enjoy. 

The upcoming expenses are recording studio equipment fees, studio production, and engineer fees, mixing and mastering fees, promotion and marketing fees, Video production fees, Photography, web design support, and registration fees. 

Every dollar counts, even if you only have $5 or $10 dollars to donate, anything you have to offer will help me get one step closer to keeping fresh content coming directly to you! I will be deeply grateful for anything you have to give. I am so excited to share my new music with you and this wonderful place where we can connect through the music at the end of every day. 

It’s not only my home, but you’re home too. Let’s make it amazing and something we can be proud of.