Video: If You Came Back From Heaven

When I first heard “If You Came Back From Heaven” I was overwhelmed by the lyrics of this beautiful song. Written by Lori Morgan in memory of her husband. Every once in a while you come across a song that helps to mend our hearts. We have all lost people who were very special to us. I dedicate this song to all my close friends who have lost their love ones. Their memories live on in our hearts forever. Embrace them, keep them close, and hold them one more time. Xoxo, Jax

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Photo Diary: Words To Live By…

Today’s Horoscope: Words to live by… Leo (7/23-8/22) That great feeling is the sensation of a new achievement making its way through your workspace. You may not even realize it yet, but you should soon find that things are just … Continue reading

Photo Diary: Dealing With Conflict

When ever there is conflict in my life, I always go back to basics to find my center. Music is my most cherished place where peace can always be found. How do you deal with conflict?

Leo (7/23-8/22)
Communication is a little fuzzy today, but that just means that you need to slow down and make sure that you’re as clear as you can be. Others may not take such precautions, so ask lots of questions. There are all sorts of creative ways to get around the conflicts in your life, but ignoring them sure isn’t one of them! Procrastination will never, ever help you get things done — it will only keep you passive. Step up and take charge of your own life by having that conversation you’ve been dreading. Set some time aside later today and try to get face to face with the person who’s causing you stress. If you can’t do that, then talk to them on the phone in a quiet location.

My Photo diary: Today’s Leo Horoscope

Taken during my last photo shoot. See the photos ( here) and video is below.

Leo Horoscope (7/23-8/22)
Communication is a little fuzzy today, but that just means that you need to slow down and make sure that you’re as clear as you can be. Others may not take such precautions, so ask lots of questions. There will be a fun little drama popping into your life today, and it could toss a monkey wrench into your carefully-laid plans. But so what? Plans are made to be rearranged, sometimes. And you could use a little lesson in flexibility. Be as adaptable as you possibly can to the situation, and keep smiling. This is not going to be a big deal unless you make it a big deal. Creating more emotional distance from the negative energy will free you from having to worry.

Photo Diary: Sneak Peek from making the video “Baby I’m a Fool”

Sneak peek from the “Baby I’m a fool” video recorded last night in the studio..
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So excited… this will be my first video back in the studio since March. Xoxo, Jax

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Photo Diary: Be True To Yourself

LeoLeo (7/23-8/22)

Following the latest trends might make you feel like you’ve got your finger on the pulse of what’s hot, but if all you care about is going along with the crowd, what is that going to achieve? You need to focus more on who you are, not on what everyone else is doing. Your unique attributes are your best attributes. Embrace them: When you are comfortable in your own skin, people take much more notice of you than when you’re wearing the latest designer’s creation.

Download song now:
Some songs just get better with age. “One of a kind” was written by writer/producer Billy Sherrill for Tammy Wynette in the 60’s. She was such a beautiful lady and has always influenced my music. I was lucky to spend time with her and Billy before she died years ago in Nashville. They had amazing stories to tell and I loved every minute of it. This recording is the 6th song on the project I’m working on. Singing songs originating as far back as the 30’s onto today. I adore every song we chose and hope that you’ll enjoy my versions as well. Thanks for watching 🙂

My most sincerest thanks to and for their support of my projects. The recording and video was done using their fabulous technology and knowledge.

Photo Diary: Friendships

This morning I realized that by standing by a friend in need, I was not only becoming a member of his team, he was quickly joining mine. It’s easy to get off the boat when things get rough but the best memories are often forged from getting through the worst of times and after all the greatest friendships have the rockiest histories. xoxo, Jax

My Horoscope Today: Leo (7/23 – 8/22)
You get comfort from talking to a friend, but the answers come from within you. Check in with a distant friend today — they’ve got what you need. It’s one of those days when you can tell that things are good, but they can always get better if you’ve got the right people with you. Someone’s recent dramas are going to serve as a good education for you, so pay attention! Get the details from this person, and you will learn some valuable pointers on how to navigate the potentially choppy waters that await you. You are entering a very powerful phase, when you can see what needs to be dealt with — and you will know exactly what to do. But in order to make the most of this phase, you need input! Get all the facts you can.

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Photo Diary: Forgiveness & Compassion

Jacqueline Jax

Sometimes you have to make a call between letting go of a friendship that you have had for a long time and choosing to forgive and forget. It’s funny that this is my horoscope today because I have 2 very conflicting issues at hand and although one I must let go of for my own preservation, the other friendship is definitely worth saving. Must be someone looking over my shoulder these days. xoxo, Jax

Leo Horoscope (7/23-8/22)

There is a strong current of compassion running through your life right now, and it will reawaken your more nurturing instincts. You’re much more apt to give other people the benefit of the doubt right now, so it’s a perfect day to start forgiving grudges and welcoming people back into your life. Issues that you used to see in strictly black and white terms are suddenly much more complicated than you realized. There are many shades of gray, and you are finally ready to see them all.