Here Comes The Sun

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I’d Rather Go Blind Video Just Went Live

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Don’t Know Why…

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New Video: Here Comes The Sun

“Here Comes the Sun” is a song by George Harrison from The Beatles 1969 Abbey Road album. I recorded this song for a friend of mine who is going through some tough times. Sometimes you just need to hear that everything will be ok so this is my message to him and also to all of you. Know that there are good day’s ahead for good people like you. Cherish the past, live in the present, and aspire for the future. Xoxo, Jax

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Andy McClurg (Distinctive Kitchens & Bath Interiors Inc.) : Beautiful Jacqueline!! Both the song and you!

Ross Mandell : Terrific, absolutely fantastic performance!!! Thanks

P.S I Love You

My sincerest thanks for all your sweet letters of support on this project. It means alot to me. I have always loved this song so when I was asked to do some recordings for a new web site launching next year, I was really glad that it fit in with the project. This new venture has me singing songs originating as far back as the 30’s onto today. I adore every song we chose and hope that you’ll enjoy my versions as well.   Bighugs, Jacqueline

Special thanks to & for their support of my projects.

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Davey Southwood : Director
WOW am loving it xxxx ! Just heard your voice for the first time, and have decided that your the most perfect lady, every mans dream. Where have you been all these years, I hope your in the right hands for promoting you.

8daysofrock: :
Jacqueline fantastic! I love it! Truly Love It! 😀 Makes me want to relax to really nice glass of wine. 🙂 Great Job! Very Beautiful Song. I love the Piano and your voice combined! The Both are a well played match! Not to mention a very Beautiful Video indeed. The only thing i wish, that i could had been there to listen and watch you record this beautiful piece! Lovely Outstanding Job! 😀

Bobi Serafimovski:: Musician/ Composure:
How are you? Congratulation for your new song. I love it. Amazing!!! Nice voice and interpretation.

Randy Singer: Music Director at Van Dyke Cafe
I LOVE YOUR VOICE…….snow white pure……so chillingly perfect.

Diane Paoletti:
You are beautiful and talented!

Tiffany Torres:
Love it Jackie 🙂 Miss you ♥

Kevin Krohn: Owner/Operator at Electronics Online Sales

Burce Rawji:
wwwow …… captiving ….. PS……I love you! LOL nice work!!!

Michael Kellett:
I’m totally taken aback here … this girl has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard…

Norman Hill:
Jacqueline you look sooooo beautiful, very nice, I love it. What a voice !! Wow !!! your voice is as beautiful as you are.

Brian Keith Rice: Musician
Jacqueline when I first saw your Youtube Video I was Blown Away. Very Professional! I Loved it. All I could think about was I wish I could had been there holding a glass of wine, watching you sing and to play that Piano like you did was totally awesome

Monday Salifu:
Beauty I love your swags

Stephen Minotti: Singer/Songwriter and Co-host A.V.A Live Radio :
Bravo !!!

Francesco Radice:
You are a legend!!!thanks!

Paul Allen Christopher:
very well done!!!!!!

Bill Hartmann: Singer/Songwriter:
very nice.

Jon Singer:
That was great!

Dan Castille:
very nice Jacqueline : )

Philip Meade:
Wow!! Love it!! More, More!!

Burce Rawji:
wwwow …… captiving ….. PS……I love you! LOL nice work!!!