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Preparing for an Audition with Jacqueline Jax

Jacqueline Jax New Music

Jacqueline Jax New Music

1. Prepare Early

If you are serious about auditioning for theater or singing contests then you need to start now. The sooner you can prepare several solid routines to keep in your audition arsenal, the better off you will be come game time. When you audition for anything, it’s nerve racking enough just to be judged without having to worry about a new routine going horribly wrong. My advise to you is to start now by making a list of 10-15 strong possibilities. Select songs from a wide range of genres. I recommend having a balance of musical theater arrangements, pop, rock, jazz, country and at least 3 classics. You will need to cover your bets so that when you show up and the director asks if you can sing …. You at least have a close option to perform. Research different versions of your choices on YouTube to get ideas. Then video yourself and check your practices for pitch and professional sound. This is where a talented vocal coach can help you perform your best.

2. Originality

Bring your own personality to your audition. If your singing a song, do not try to emulate the original singer. No one can make an impression sounding like a copy cat. Even worse if you don’t get it perfect, you may be titled the worst karaoke bar singer by the judges. And that’s not what your going for. Instead, plan ahead and deconstruct two really solid songs that sound terrific accapella. Select songs that don’t require fast dance style backup tracks. Slow to Mid-tempo songs with really catchy hook lines in the chorus work out the best and are the most memorable. I love songs like “At Last” , “Broken Wing” or “Natural Woman”.

Which ever song you sing, be sure that you put your own spin on it by changing up the phrasing, adding a few transitions (if that’s your style) and finding a part in the song where you add in the wow factor that will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

3. What to wear

It’s important to be comfortable and dressed appropriately. Some auditions tell you what to wear, especially if you need to dance or if they have a specific look in mind. Avoid overly sexy and flashy clothing. A little glitter is fine but an outfit that looks like Silverster Stallon in Rhinestone Cowboy is not a winning combo. Guys stick to jeans and a fresh white button down shirt or cleanly pressed tee. No baseball caps. Girls be careful about dressing age appropriately, nothing to short, to tight or to revealing and please no pearls unless Auntie Thelma is the part your going for. When selecting an outfit, you need to think about your image and personality.

4. A Confident Presence

Unless you are auditioning for the role of a blind person, it is good to make eye contact with everyone, even the person who escorts you into the room. A confident look is preferable to an uncomfortable stare. Try to tell judges in your glance alone that you are more than capable of playing the part you’d like.

A good strong handshake, in any field, is a plus. Firm grips show that you are not afraid of much. A weak grip indicates uncertainty and nerves.

Many people slouch into an audition with the air of apologizing before they have even performed. This will take points from your performance immediately. How can you expect to command a winning roll if your staring at the floor with a scared insecure look on your face? Throw your shoulders back and speak in a confident unwavering voice. Practice this repeatedly on your friends, until it comes naturally.

5. The WOW factor

Every successful audition has what judges call the “Wow Factor”. It’s best to have just 1 Wow per audition. Don’t go for the over kill here. If you want to be memorable and leave the judges wanting more, you’ll want to strategically place and deliver an amazing Wow moment. If you have a large range or an area in your voice that is particularly solid, then hit your strongest note and deliver a dramatic vocal utilizing you best ability. Remember this is show business not the circus, so your wow factor has to be special but not a joke. For instance dressing up like batman and singing “Fly me to the moon” is not a Wow moment for a judge. They may drop their jaws, but trust me these kinds of antics won’t get you the win.

When all is said and done, there is an art to auditioning well. It takes alot of preparation, some experience and a ton of talent. Just remember, the more prepared you are, the better of you will be. My best advise is to start early and develop as many talents as you can. In the end, it’s about building yourself and become a triple threat in the entertainment business.

Be sure to catch the show on as we talk about these points and more to help you prepare for a successful audition. Join me with my co-host from Australia, Kaitlyn Thomas and former Mrs Texas Christy Whitaker with featured musical guest A.V.A Artist Tracy Timberlake as we discuss “How to prepare for an audition”. We’ll give you everything that you need to help you succeed.

Wishing you all the best,
Jacqueline Jax

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